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hiding your eyes
dancing in the bright lights
i'myours (32) 
16th-Jan-2010 11:34 pm
chrisevans♥(steverogers)super soldier

title: i'myours
author: sleeponrooftops
fandom: Breathe Carolina
pairing(s): David Schmitt/ofc
ancillary pairing(s): Kyle Even/ofc, Eric Armenta/ofc, omc/omc
rating: r
summary: I want a big house that sits by the shore, and when I wake up, I can watch the tide rise.  All of my friends, they would live next door, and every night we'd build a fire in the backyard.  We'd listen to all our favorite songs, watch it burn, and we sing along.  She smiles, and watches him sing his heart out onstage, nasally as ever, and he's beautiful as his chocolate eyes connect with hers, smirking.  She remembers years ago, standing in the same spot, wishing something as perfect as him could be hers.  She thanks God she got her wish in the end.
warning(s): language, sex
disclaimer: Don't own.  Title belongs to Jason Mraz, lyrics in summary are Hit the Lights'.
an: someday i'm going to rewrite this.

When I wake up the next day, Emily isn’t beside me.  I stretch and groan, muscles aching.

“So, I guess you two are better now?” Eric queries as he pulls back the curtains and climbs in.  I glare at him, and he laughs.

“You like Devon.”

“I figured she told you.”

“She’s cute.  Devon,” I add, smirking.

“Emily is, too,” he laughs, shaking his head, “I’m not sure how to go about this, though.”

“Just be yourself.  You’re good at that.”

“Yea, I guess.  How should I start?”

“Wanna do a double date?  Em and I found this cute restaurant we wanted to check out tonight.”

“That would be helpful.  Classy or casual?”


Eric sighs as I laugh, but we’re interrupted as Kyle pokes his head around the curtain.

“Having sex without me?” he says with a grin.

“Oh, never,’ I respond.

“Wait, I wanna join!” Joshua yells, and we’re suddenly all squished together in my little bunk.

Devon finds us after a while, though, laughing, and she draws Eric away to walk around the city.  Joshua leaves with him to find Emily, and I’m left alone with my best friend.

“I miss her.”

I don’t respond because I know he needs to just talk and clear his head.

“Like… a lot.  I don’t know if we could ever be more than just friends after this, but I really fucking miss her, Dave.”

“I dunno what to tell you, Kyle.  That was some pretty low shit.”

“I know, I know.  I would never go back with her, I just miss her.”

“Is it her, though, or do you just hate being alone?”

He’s quiet, thoughtful, for some time, and I’m dozing when he decides, “I don’t want to be alone, but I don’t want to just find some useless whore.  I think I married her because I wanted what you have because it’s beautiful and true.   I want a woman I can spend the rest of my life with and I jumped on the first possibility too fast.  I think, though, I can’t date one of Em’s friends.  I need to meet someone.”

“You’ll find the right girl eventually,” I promise, hugging him tight, “But I gotta get ready, dude.  It’s almost one, Emily’s gonna kill me if I don’t get outta here soon.”

He laughs and nods, hopping out.  I follow him into the front, and Emily is curled up, head in Joshua’s lap, and a book in her hands.  She’s talking, softly and quickly, so I can’t hear her, but her breath instantly catches as Josh nudges her and her eyes turn to meet mine.  I’m curious of her ecstatic expression as she rolls off the couch and is in front of me in a few short strides.

“Mm, hi,” I murmur after her lips have parted from mine.

“Hey,” she returns breathlessly, arms circling around me and nose hiding in the crook of my neck.

I let my eyes close as she lets her warm palms rest against my bare back, and she’s got my heart racing into hyper speed as she kisses me delicately below my ear.

“I miss you,” she whispers, breath hot and thumbs pressing into my hips.

I respond with a kiss, one that leaves her knees weak and Kyle whistling.

“David,” she murmurs as I tug her back into the bunkroom and slide the door shut.

We’re against said door in seconds, and my cold hands have snaked under her shirt.  She shudders, pleasantly, as I cup her breast, and her hips arch into mine as her eyes roll into the back of her head.  My other hand rests on the small of her back as I pull her in for another kiss, and she moans into mouth as I move against her, the bulge in my grey sweats growing fervently.

“I love you,” I whisper as we part, and she merely smiles and kisses me hard, moving us away from the door.

“I love you more,” she says adamantly, and her hand removes mine from her back.

We separate, and I’m left kneeling on the floor while she climbs into our bunk.  I scramble up as soon as I’ve found a condom in my bag and I tug the curtains shut, kissing the world away…


It’s around six when Eric clears his throat and I look up from my reading.  Emily’s snuggled in my lap, horizontally so that her head is on my shoulder, and she’s watching TV tiredly.

“Hey, you still wanna go to that Sicilian place tonight?” I murmur, brushing her bangs out of her face.

“Mhm, yea,” she mumbles, blinking slowly.

“You sure you’re not too tired?”

“No, I just gotta wake up real quick.  When d’you wanna leave?”

“As soon as possible?”

“Okay, I’ll go get dressed.”

She leaves me with a kiss before I shut off the TV, mark my place, and stand.

“What’re you wearing?” Eric questions curiously.

“Um, I’ll probably just change into jeans and plaid.  It’s casually classy.  Don’t fret.”

“Alright, I’ll go find Devon and meet you guys outside?”

“Yea, sure.”

I’m just fixing my hair in the bathroom when Emily stops in, and I smile at her.  She’s in black skinnies and a metallic-navy tube top with tons of funky necklaces.  We finish up in there, head outside, and Eric’s also wearing black skinnies and his black and red striped long-sleeve.  Devon, always with the stranger look, is wearing a knee-length red skirt and a black halter with silver straps.

Dinner is cute.  Devon and Eric really hit it off, and it’s nice to have Emily finally back to her beautiful self.

“What d’you think of them?” I query as we’re walking around, a good few steps behind them.

“I’ve never seen either of them so happy, but I think Eric needs to be aware she won’t jump into bed with him for some time.”

“Like you?” I tease, and she squeezes my hand, play-glaring.

“So, Alex from Cash basically loves you.”

She laughs, red curls falling back.

“Alex is like a teddy bear.  Don’t you dare yell at him.  He knows where his place is.”

“Like Shaant?”

I’m not sure why I said it, but all of a sudden my anger is rising with her shock.

Alex, David?  You think Alex would rape me?”

“You just need to be careful.”

She stops, and this won’t be good.

Careful?” she shrieks, taking her hand from mine, “You don’t think I looked over my shoulder every four seconds after the bus incident?  You don’t think I still won’t let myself alone in a room with anyone other than you guys?  You don’t think I’d tear Alex apart if he tried anything?  You don’t have to look after me, David!”

“You give me reason to!”

Emily starts to respond until I shout, “No!  You were hurt, Emily!  You haven’t been the same since then, but you’re finally mostly back and I can’t lose you again!  You are everything to me, Emily!  If that ever happened again, I know you!  You’d disappear, and I can’t live without you!”

She’s silent, painfully so, and I feel horrible when she’s suddenly crying.

“Emily,” I try, reaching for her.

She steps back, and my heart rips in two.

“I might be pregnant,” she whispers, eyes not meeting mine.

It takes me a second to process what she just said, a second that spins her right around.

“I’m sorry,” she sobs, and she’s in my arms, “I should’ve realized how careless I was being and I was thinking and oh God, David.”

“Is everything okay?” Eric asks quietly.

Emily steps back, shaking her head.

“We need to find a convenience store,” she mumbles, wiping her eyes.

How?” I finally question when we’re in the CVS.

“I don’t know, I just know I’m late and we just started sleeping together again, so…” she trails off, taking a shaky breath.

She buys two while Eric stands silently with me, and Devon's talking quietly with Emily.  After we leave, though, everyone’s quiet.  The bus is loud when we get back, but the two girls grab Jenna and disappear.

“What if she is?” Eric whispers once we’re on the couch, everyone else laughing around us.

“Then she is.  I love her, Eric, no matter what.”

“You don’t want a kid, though.”

“Not even remotely.”

I groan into my hands, letting my head fall to his shoulder.  It’s a half hour before Emily reappears, and I’m more stressed than ever.  She finds my gaze, shakes her head, and points to the bunks.  Eric claps me on the back as I stand, and the next three hours are spent talking, arguing, crying, making love, silence, and finally coming to terms with various things.  It’s one when Eric pokes his head in.  He smirks at Emily’s naked back, and I glare tiredly, pulling the blankets up and over us.

“Only you would have a pregnancy scare and follow up with sex.”

He shakes his head before sighing, “Are you guys alright, though?”

“Yea, just worn out now.”

Eric nods, smiles, and leaves for his bunk.  It’s a dreamless night after that…

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