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hiding your eyes
dancing in the bright lights
you(and)me (3) 
15th-Feb-2010 04:00 pm

title: you(and)me
author: sleeponrooftops
fandom: Breathe Carolina
pairing(s): David Schmitt/ofc
ancillary pairing(s): Kyle Even/ofc, Eric Armenta/ofc, omc/omc
rating: r
summary: Your voice was the soundtrack to my summer--do you know you're unlike any other?  You'll always be my thunder, and I said your eyes are the brightest of all the colors.  I don't wanna ever love another, you'll always be my thunder, so bring on the rain and bring on the thunder.  She smiles, watching them set up and she's glowing, for more reasons than one.  She breathes in a happy breath as he reaches her and their mouths connect.  And she could never love anyone as much as she loves him.
warning(s): language, sex
disclaimer: Don't own.  Title belongs to Lifehouse, lyrics are Boys Like Girls'.
an: oh, here we go again.

“Are the girls home?” I question the next day around noon while Emily is in our room straightening her hair.

“They should be here around three.”

I make a face, and my mom sighs.

“Hey, I have reason to not be happy with them.”

“David, you haven’t spoken to them in over a year.  Just be civil.”

I nod to please her, but when Emily walks out, I know it won’t matter.  She’s gorgeous, in ripped light skinnies, a fitted pastel blue, pink, purple, and yellow plaid shirt with a brown leather tube vest over it, and brown Indian boots.  She has millions of bracelets, made of rope, silver, string, beads, and Jac Vanek.  She’s wearing the necklace I gave her for our one year, a crystal heart with a sterling chain.  She loves it because the heart is big and the chain is long, so it hangs just below her breasts.  Her ring flashes off her zebra-print nails, and I smirk.  Their draws will drop.

And drop they do.

Emily?” Jessica’s the first to ask in shock.

Emily waves from the kitchen where she’s helping my mom cook.  I’m in the living room watching TV and their expressions are priceless.  They’re a mixture of envy, dislike, and shock.  They slowly enter, soaking it all in, and I feel like laughing.  They mostly leave her alone after that, except for a few random glances of disbelief.  And then came the real fun.

Emily and my mom spend all afternoon cooking up this absolutely delicious-smelling feast, and Emily's just setting the table when my mom pulls me aside, her smile huge.

“Yea?” I laugh as she takes my hand and looks down, “Mum?”

“David, I love you, and I’m so proud of you.  Emily is such a beautiful woman, and you’re so lucky to have found someone so perfect for you.  And she adores you, more than you could possibly imagine.”

I frown because I think this is about yesterday and Sam.

However, “No,” my mom says, squeezing my hand lovingly, “Me saying this is not about what you’ve been through recently.  Yes, she told me about that, but this is about how wonderful she is, what an amazing time I’ve had with her today.  Keep her close, David.  There’s not many like her out there.”

I take a breath, pull myself together, and hug her tight.

“Thank you, mum.”

“Anytime, honey.”

We part, and she’s still smiling larger than life.

“C’mon, this dinner is going to be fabulous.”

I laugh and follow her out and into the kitchen.  It really is fabulous, too.  The chatter hardly stops, and everyone’s laughing.

“So,” my mom starts halfway through, turning to Emily, “What did you two do for your one year?”

“We went out to dinner, a play, and then stopped by a friend’s show.”

“Sounds cute,” she says with a smile, and her eyes fall to the necklace.

Her eyes meet mine, and I nod.  Her and my mom are totally hitting it off, which I couldn’t be happier about.  It’s afterward, though, when Emily is shooed from the kitchen and we fall together on the big couch that I realized how right she is I my life.  I smile at this thought, looping an arm around her shoulders before flicking on the TV.

“I feel like I just time-warped back to high school,” she says with a grin, and I just laugh, kissing her temple.

“What d’you wanna watch?” I query, yawning.

“Something slow and romantic.  Something I can kiss you to,” she murmurs, kissing my fingers softly.

I smirk, pressing my lips to her exposed neck, and she giggles, squirming away.  I follow her and with some shifting and sexual whispers, we’re settled, she in my arms and eyes fixed on P.S. I Love You.  The family joins us after long, and the girls are all crying over the movie within the hour.  When all’s said and done, though, my parents head to bed and Emily disappears to change.  My sisters do the same while I flip on Shoot ‘Em Up.  My gorgeous wife returns in baggy grey sweats and a hot pink and a white tank over her black bra.

“I don’t know how you could ever be worried.  You’re fucking hot,” I murmur, pulling her back down with me.

“Mm, I like Clive Owen.”

I scoff into her neck, biting lightly, and she laughs softly, turning to press her mouth to mine.

“You’re obviously hotter,” she says with a smirk, and I just return the look before turning my eyes back to the screen.  And that’s how we spend our night.

.emily’s pov.

From: jbella

I’m late.


My period, stupid.  Two weeks.  Joshua doesn’t know, but he’s suspicious.

Are you safe?

Yea, I dunno how I could be pregnant, then.

“Hey,” she answers as I quit texting and call her.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m buying a test.  Em, I really don’t wanna be prego with the eggo.”

“There’s no way you even could be.  Just buy a couple, take them, and stay on the phone.”

“I’m scared.”

“I know, Bella.  Just breathe, you’ll be okay.”

I talk her through the next hour, fingers trailing through David’s messy hair.  We fell asleep on the couch last night, and so I’m still mostly splayed out over him, but his long black locks are falling into my face cutely.  Jenna ends up with three negative tests before we just chat for another hour or so until David stirs and I bid her goodbye, greeting him with a soft morning kiss.

“How did you sleep?” I whisper as his warm eyes flutter open and he yawns.

“Crookedly, but comfortably.”

“Same,” I agree, kissing him again before sitting up and stretching.

I laugh as he curls around me, lips tracing over my stomach.  I know how he loves these sweats because they sit just below my hips, and my tanks are skewed up above my belly button from sleeping.

“David,” I groan as he pushes me onto my back, mouth nipping lightly at my waist.

I can’t stop the bitten moan when his tongue travels the creases of my hip bone, though, before it and his teeth make a path onto my stomach.  My tummy caves with a gasp, and he groans, hands disappearing onto my back as his hungry mouth reaches mine and we kiss passionately.

I can feel him as he digs his hips into mine, and my head is spinning, and, “Oh my God, your parents!” I hiss, pushing him off of me.

Emily!” he moans, but I just scramble off the couch, grab his hand, and tug him out of the living room.

We barely make it to our bedroom, never mind the eventual shower…

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