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hiding your eyes
dancing in the bright lights
it's been a while 
22nd-Jul-2012 11:27 pm
So, as you can see, clearly some updates have happened.  This is most certainly inspired by Warped on Thursday, but I'm hoping to make it a little permanent as I've been rereading i'myours, and I'd really love to rewrite it.  It's honestly laughable the way it is right now.  But, here I am, trying to give this another go, as usual.

Please feel free to post any fanfiction that you've written for the boys!

I'd love to see some newer work in here, really get this place going, seeing as the rest of the Breathe Carolina communities are pretty much dead.  This community is open to everyone, not just work by myself, and so definitely go ahead and post.  Anything is except, from het to slash, and including all members of the band.  I've actually been thinking a bunch this weekend about this site, and I think I'm even going to open up who the stories need to be centric around, though probably only outwards to Casey and Josh White.  (Quick side note, I knew absolutely no one at the merch tent at Warped--it was really bizarre.  Are Casey and Josh not touring with them on Warped?  Because they've been there the previous years.)

Anyway, hopefully I can make some noise about this place and get it moving, but we'll see what happens.  Don't be shy!

In other news, the primer just got a major makeover, so check it out.
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