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hiding your eyes
dancing in the bright lights
i'myours (31) 
6th-Jan-2010 10:10 pm

title: i'myours
author: sleeponrooftops
fandom: Breathe Carolina
pairing(s): David Schmitt/ofc
ancillary pairing(s): Kyle Even/ofc, Eric Armenta/ofc, omc/omc
rating: r
summary: I want a big house that sits by the shore, and when I wake up, I can watch the tide rise.  All of my friends, they would live next door, and every night we'd build a fire in the backyard.  We'd listen to all our favorite songs, watch it burn, and we sing along.  She smiles, and watches him sing his heart out onstage, nasally as ever, and he's beautiful as his chocolate eyes connect with hers, smirking.  She remembers years ago, standing in the same spot, wishing something as perfect as him could be hers.  She thanks God she got her wish in the end.
warning(s): language, sex
disclaimer: Don't own.  Title belongs to Jason Mraz, lyrics in summary are Hit the Lights'.
an: someday i'm going to rewrite this.

&two weeks later&

.david’s pov.

It’s a Sunday morning, one of my favorite lazy times, and it’s one of those great times, too.  Emily and I went on our “date” last night, and it was pretty magical.  We spent some time being insanely cliché, stopping at a miniature golf course before we headed to dinner, went out to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and then we made a stop for ice cream before finding our way back home relatively early around midnight.

It’s the next morning, however, and it’s around ten o’clock when I wake up, slightly tired, but definitely not as exhausted as I have been lately.  I stretch a little and yawn, and my arm’s a bit numb from being under Emily.  I smile at the thought and snuggle into her a bit, and all of a sudden I hear her cute morning laugh as she awakens with my movement.

‘What are you doing?’ she mumbles, smirking against my neck.

‘Bed glomping you.’

‘Bed glomping?’


I don’t let her go, and I think she’s perfectly fine with that.  In fact, she even kisses the side of my neck, sighing contently.

‘I miss you,’ she murmurs, and I smile as her arms tighten around me, meshing us together closely.

I lift away from her, fully determined, and kiss her softly, hands slow and tentative.  She responds positively, and her mouth on mine reveals a mixture of excitement and fright.

‘I’m not going to hurt you, I promise,’ I whisper, nuzzling my nose slightly against hers and sighing softly.

‘I know,’ she breathes back, kissing my bottom lip delicately, ‘and I love you because of that.’

Her lips fall into mine harder this time, and they’re needy, and I love this woman.

‘Are you going to run from me?’

‘I’m never going to let go,’ she promises, and we’re gone from the world in a fight of tangled blankets and fevered movements…


&one week later;;July&

‘BUS IS HERE!’ Eric yelps, running through the house and banging on doors.

We all clamber onto the bus, and there’s almost six hundred of us, for real.  The Umbrella Clothing crew is with us alongside our own crew, Eric, Luis, and Joshua, Emily and her two best friends, Jenna and Devon.  We’ve only met them a handful of times, but they seem nice enough, and it was only fair to allow Em to bring some friends along.

Jenna is short and extremely pretty, something the guys love already.  She’s tiny, but very strong, and she’s a bit crazy.  Both her and Devon hung around the house for a week before Warped, so we’ve gotten to know them a little bit.  Jenna talks nonstop with Emily, and I’ve found out that they were friends since the day she was born.  I’m not sure why I only ever really knew Jen, especially considering Emily adores this girl, but I’m cool with having her here now… and finally.  Jenna is always running about, she teases everyone constantly, and she eats like a twelve-year-old boy.  She has brown hair about six inches down from her shoulder, but the entire bottom half is bleached a natural-looking blonde.  Her bangs swing over much less dramatically than most people, and it’s pretty like that, leaving her face to shine.  She has flawless skin, sparkling brown eyes, and straightened-by-braces teeth.  She’s a year younger than Emily at eighteen, but that doesn’t stop them at all.

Devon is a bit different.  She’s much, much quieter than Jenna and Emily, but she certainly has fun with them.  I’ve only seen her really open up once, and the three were having a massive pillow slash tickle fight.  She likes her space and her alone time very much, and she reads more than any person I’ve ever seen.  She always has a book with her, and they’re usually classics.  Despite her quiet demeanor, however, Devon is quite a scene girl.  I’m pretty sure her natural hair color is black, but her short layers on top are the likes of blue, pink, and blonde.  The bottom half of her hair is a mixture of black and purple, and her bangs have tiny green hints in them.  She always wears massive amounts of makeup to kingdom come, and she has more accessories than any sane person.  That said, she’s also exceptionally pretty.  She’s not entirely tiny, but she’s not chubby either, and she’s slightly taller than Emily, but not by too much.  Jenna’s the tallest of them all, however.


I laugh as Emily suddenly glomps Eric onto the floor, and he giggles obscenely, wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her tight.  She’s hardly dressed, only in teeny shorts and his tank top, and it’s the most hilarious scene.

‘If you steal my wife, I’ll have to sit on you,’ I threaten, and Eric laughs hard, Emily burying her face in his neck.

He stops suddenly, and I look down, brows creasing because Emily’s whispering to him and he looks a large mixture of shocked, super freaking excited, and confused.

‘David, stop looking at us, you’re making me laugh,’ Emily abruptly demands, shooing me away with her foot before she continues.

‘Hey dude, what the hell is going on in there?  Emily looks like she’s sexing Eric,’ Kyle says as I flop down next to him.

‘She’s telling him stories, but I don’t really know why they have to be on the floor.’

‘It’s not really making you uncomfortable, is it?’ Kyle queries, kind of surprised.

‘Not at all, dude,’ I laugh, ‘I know him.  He has no interest in Emily other than as a bestie.  So, I’ve been meaning to talk to you.’

‘Yes, I am gonna be calm for a little while.  I need to get my mind off her, just relax for a while before I jump back in the game.’

‘Kay, just wanted to make sure you were okay.  You are okay, right?’

He laughs and nods, so I let security sink in as I let my head fall to his shoulder, sighing contently.

‘Hey!  Kyle!  Guess what!’ Joshua giggles as he runs on the bus, Jenna and Devon trailing after him.

‘Um… yes, Joshua?’ Kyle smirks, leaning back a little as Josh sits in his lap.

He clears his throat, wrinkles his nose, and grins in my direction.

‘Emily and David had sex,’ he says, never taking his eyes from me.

‘Douche!’ I exclaim, and we’re on the floor in seconds, Kyle’s holding a stitch in his side as he falls over on the couch, and the girls crack up from the doorway.


‘EMILY!’ Joshua screams, shoving me off him and sitting up, holding out his arms.

She pokes her head around from her bunk and sticks her tongue out at him.

‘You and I are fighting for the next ten minutes.  Don’t talk to me.’

Joshua can’t help but snort, holding back his laughter as best as he can.  She smiles in response before leaning back in, and I frown slightly, watching them.

‘I’m just curious as to what they’re talking about,’ I defend, putting up my hands to Kyle.

They’ve been suspicious lately, always whispering to each other, and Eric’s been very secretive and needy of her attention.  She usually gives it to him, but I know it even wears on her sometimes.

‘Hey, you look lost,’ Emily suddenly murmurs, falling onto my lap and smiling.

‘I’m just trying to figure out what you and Eric there are whispering about all the time.’

“He likes Devon,” she says, shrugging.

I look up and around and she smirks, standing up and holding out her hand, “No one heard.  I’m good at being quietly loud.”

I laugh at the reference before following her and she leads us to the lounge where we curl up and watch TV…

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